Aquatec 900 Toilet Raiser By Betterlife


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Aquatec 900 Toilet Raiser By Betterlife

The Aquatec 900 is the complete toileting aid. The seat height can be adjusted to 6cm,10cm or 15cm (2″,4″ and 6″) so that the toilet seat height can adjust to your individual needs. The armrests provide valuable support and safety when getting up and down from the seat, and it mounts to the toilet using the same mountings as a normal toilet seat.


Securely attached toilet seat raiser
Individual adjustment to the user at any time, no tools required
3 Different angles: lower at the front
Fold-way, ergonomic armrests for additional support when sitting down and standing up
Seat can be folded up in all setting positions – ease of cleaning
Durable and corrosion free


Seat Width: 36cm (14″)
Seat Height: 15cm (6″)
Total Height (with armrests): 38cm (15″)
Width (between armrests): 51cm (20″)
Seat Depth: 42.5cm (16.7″)
Height Options: 6cm,10cm and 15cm (2″, 4″ and 6″)
Weight: 5kg (11lbs)
Maximum User Weight: (120kg) 19st

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