Bright Light Mini SAD Light Box (Winter Blues)


Ideal for home or office

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Bright Light Mini SAD Light Box (Winter Blues)

Ideal for the home or office, the Bright Light ‘Mini’ is a convenient solution to help alleviate your winter blues. Its Bright Light technology produces an output of 10,000 lux to provide a treatment time of just 60mins. Unlike our larger SAD light models, the ‘Mini’ is just 20 x 21cm and weights less than 1kg which makes it suitable for travelling to and from work. It uses an energy-saving 45W bulb that is both flicker and UV-free.

When the hours of daylight noticeably reduce during the Autumn and Winter months, people tend to increasingly stay inside and the effects of a lack of light cumulate. This is often descibed as ‘Winter depression’ or ‘ Winter blues’ and can affect people in a number of ways (see below). In the medical field, SAD lights are used to compensate for the effects of a lack of light. SAD light boxes with a light intensity of over 10,000 lux are designed to simulate daylight. This light can influence the human body and be used as a treatment or preventative measure.

Subdued mood
Need for more sleep
Loss of appetite
Lack of energy
Difficulty concentrating
Generally feeling under the weather


Compact size is perfect for travel to and from work
Fold out stand and wall mounting hook provide a convenient display
10,000 lux intesity helps to provide optimum treatment times
Treatment time of 60mins at a distance of 30cm (12″)
Flicker-free start-up and lighting
Ideal for use at home or in the office


Width: 21cm (8.3″)
Height: 29cm (11.4″)
Bulb: 1 x 45W tube
Light Intensity: 10,000 lux
Colour Temperature: 6,500K
Weight: 800g

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