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Canesfresh Gentle Refreshing Mousse
Canesfresh Feminine Wash Gentle Refreshing Mousse 150ml
The skin and the natural pH level of the intimate area is different to that of the rest of the body. The pH balance can be broken down by many factors including bubble baths, soap, shower gel, intimate deodorants and douching.
Canesfresh Gentle Refreshing Mousse is a luxuriously soft feminine wash designed for everyday use. Used as part of your daily washing instead of your soap or shower gel, it not only cleanses and cares for your intimate area but also helps to maintain the natural pH balance.It contains calming lotus extract and pro-vitamin B5 for extra moisturising. It also contains lipids which contribute to a healthy skin barrier. Hypoallergenic, free from preservatives and colourants.
How to Use
Use Canesfresh Gentle Refreshing Mousse as you would use soap or shower gel: dilute with a little water, apply by hand or with a clean sponge, and cleanse the whole area. Afterwards, rinse off thoroughly with water.
Use it daily instead of your regular shower gel for gentle cleansing and maintenance of your pH balance.
Hazards and Cautions
For external use only


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