Etac Lightweight Cutlery With Long Handles


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Etac Lightweight Cutlery With Long Handles

This lightweight cutlery requires a minimum of effort to use.
Reduces the need to lift your arms, making meal times easier if you have limited dexterity.
It has long thin handles to allow a comfortable grip in the hollow between the thumb and index finger.
The long handles reduce the need to lift the arm as high as with normal length cutlery.
The underside is gently rounded to prevent point pressure


Light weight
Specially designed for users who need support for their hands and forearms
Softly rounded handle
Provide good pressure distribution with long handles
Stainless steel construction


Fork Length: 210mm
Weight: 24g

Knife Length: 220mm
Weight: 21g

Teaspoon Length: 200mm
Weight: 26g

Spoon Length: 210mm
Weight: 34g
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