Fastaid Cushioned Plasters with Antiseptic Wound Pad


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Fastaid Cushioned Plasters with Antiseptic Wound Pad

Fast Aid Cushioned Plasters offer the perfect solution for blister prevention or when a wound requires additional protection against painful knocks.
Made from waterproof padded foam that is soft and highly conformable, they are ideal for vulnerable areas such as toes and feet, elbows and knees.
The plasters have an absorbent antiseptic pad to help protect against infection, plus a strong, hypoallergenic adhesive for exceptional sticking power.
Tamper evident packs contain 20 individually wrapped plasters in an assortment of 3 sizes.

Ideal for blisters, extra soft padding for added protection
Antiseptic wound pad for added protection against infection
Helps to keep out bacteria and dirt
Hypoallergenic adhesive for sensitive skin


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