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Kwells Travel Sickness 12x300mg Tablets

Kwells is an effective treatment that can help sufferers of motion sickness to avoid the symptoms caused by travelling by car, boat or aeroplane.
How does Kwells work?
The active ingredient in Kwells is a type of medication that relieves sickness during travelling.
The reason travel sickness occurs is because of a conflict between how the brain perceives movement while the eyes perceive no motion.
Although the eyes may not see things moving while travelling when focusing on a still object, the inner ear which helps the body to maintain balance acts as a spirit level.
When the levels are disturbed through travel they try to level as they would if you were to walk or run.

Kwells UK stop the brain receiving the message of motion from the inner ear which in turn stops it from getting confused. Without the confusion the nausea and sickness felt while travelling is relieved.

How to take Kwells?
As Kwells tablets take around 15 minutes to work, it is advisable to take them half an hour before you leave. This will give them chance to get into your system, if they are taken after symptoms start you may already start being sick which will mean you bring any tablets taken back up. If you feel nausea but do not vomit they can still be effective in taking away the feeling.

Kwells UK is only available in 300mg tablet form for over 10’s and adults. There is a Kwells kid’s version available containing 150mg for use in children age 4 to 10. Both contain the same active ingredient. Depending on severity children from 10 can take half a tablet to begin with and up to a whole tablet every 6 hours of travelling to alleviate symptoms. You should not take more than 3 tablets in 24 hours. An order can only be placed by those over the age of 18.

Side effects and precautions
The most common side effects include:
Drowsiness Sleepiness Tiredness Dizziness
Special precautions
You should seek medical advice before taking Kwells tablets if you have a fever. This is because Kwells decreases sweating, which is the body’s natural way of cooling down. You should not take Kwells with alcohol due to the sedative effect being increased. If you experience drowsiness you should not drive or use machinery as your abilities may be slower than usual.
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