Lifemax My Vitals Personal Data Recorder


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My Vitals stores up to 95 seconds of user recorded information, allowing the user to record specific information regarding their conditions and how they should be treated or who should be contacted in an emergency.
Its striking design makes the unit easy to see and find in an emergency, and its intuitive design makes relaying vital information and quick easy.
The unit is lightweight and includes a neck lanyard, meaning that the unit is both easy to wear and non-obtrusive, allowing the user to wear it at all times.


Stores up to 95 seconds of recorded information
Striking lightweight and intuitive design
Includes neck lanyard
Suitable for children too – record your contact information so that you can easily be reached should they get lost

Overall Width: 8cm (3″)
Overall Length: 25cm (10″)
Overall Depth: 3cm (1″)
Weight: 198g
Power: 1 x CR2032 button cell battery

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