Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion


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Designed to accommodate most wheelchair users this 4” cushion is perfect for those who require extra comfort whilst sitting for long periods of time. Filled deluxe viscoelastic memory foam cushion is fused to a base of high resilient foam providing great comfort and moulds to the users unique body shape, offering them continuous support by providing an even distribution of pressure.

The cushion is covered in a stylish, black PU material the cushion can also be easily wiped clean when required.


Filled with deluxe viscoelastic memory foam for added comfort
Provides continuous support and provides even pressure distribution
Covered in a wipe-clean PU for ease of cleaning
Ideal for users who sit for longer periods of time
Suitable for most standard size wheelchairs


Size: 457 x 406mm (18 x 16″)
Depth: 101.6mm (4″)

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