Metanium Barrier Ointment (for delicate skin)


Protection from nappy rash

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Metanium Barrier Ointment (for delicate skin)

Product description
Metanium Everyday Barrier ointment cares for delicate skin by forming a barrier to help protect against the external irritants that can cause nappy rash. A unique formulation that helps seal in the skin’s natural moisture, keeping the skin soft, smooth and supple.
It contains no colours, fragrance or lanolin so can be used daily and at every nappy change.
• Helps prevents nappy rash
• Fragrance free
• Lanolin free
How to Use
Use daily at every nappy change on clean dry skin, using clean dry hands. Apply a pea size amount to the skin, gently spreading the barrier ointment evenly to form a thin protective layer.
A barrier ointment used on your baby’s skin at every nappy change can form part of a healthy skincare routine
Hazards and Cautions
Before you use Metanium Everyday barrier Ointment
Do not use if you or your child:
•Have an allergy to any of the ingredients listed.
•Have broken, badly cracked, infected or bleeding skin.
Seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist in these cases
Possible side effects
Rarely, mild skin irritation may occur. If you notice this or any other side effect from using the ointment, stop use and tell your doctor or pharmacist. They will tell you what to do.
Metanium Everyday barrier ointment contains titanium dioxide, which may stain dark fabrics white.
Avoid contact with the eyes
For external use only. If accidentally swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this carton.
Age Restriction
You must be at least 16 years old to purchase this product.
Titanium dioxide, white soft paraffin, light liquid paraffin, dimeticone


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