Migraleve pink and yellow complete migraine relief


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Migraleve pink and yellow complete migraine relief

Product Description
Migraleve Complete 24 Tablets
Migraleve is for use in acute moderate pain associated with migraine which has been previously diagnosed by a doctor and where other painkillers have not worked. Do not take less than four hours after taking other painkillers.
Migraleve Pink tablets have a unique double action, providing short term relief from migraine headache and associated nausea and vomiting. If taken at the first sign of a migraine, Migraleve Pink tablets can prevent an attack from developing.
Migraleve Yellow tablets provide relief for continuing migraine symptoms. They should always be taken after the first dose of Migraleve Pink tablets.
16 pink tablets for headache and nausea
8 yellow tablets if migraine continues
• Complete migraine relief
• Paracetamol, Codeine & Buclizine
• Can cause addiction.
• For three days use only.

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