Nicorette Microtab 100x2mg (stop smoking)


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Nicorette Microtab 100x2mg

What is the Nicorette Microtab?

The Microtab is the only sublingual (dissolves under the tongue) nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) tablet.
The nicotine tablet is particularly suitable for those who want a flexible but discreet form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to help them kick the nicotine habit and stop smoking for good.
How to Use
How does the Nicorette Microtab work?
Place one Nicorette Microtab under your tongue and allow it to slowly dissolve. (Do not swallow, suck or chew.) This will release the nicotine, which is absorbed through the lining of your mouth.
The number of Nicorette Microtabs you use each day will depend on how many cigarettes you smoked and how strong they were:
If you smoked up to 20 cigarettes per day
If you smoked 20 cigarettes or fewer per day, you should use one Nicorette Microtab every hour, although you may want to increase to two Nicorette Microtabs every hour if one is not relieving your cravings.
If you smoked more than 20 cigarettes per day
If you smoked more than 20 cigarettes per day you should use two Nicorette Microtabs every hour. (You must not use more than 40 Nicorette Microtabs a day).
Nicorette Microtab Reduction Guide
It is recommended that you use the nicotine tablets for at least 12 weeks. After 12 weeks you should aim to gradually reduce the number of Nicorette Microtabs used each day. When you are only using one or two Microtabs per day you should think of finishing the course. Use beyond nine months is not recommended.


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