Nicorette Quick Mist 2×150 (for use on the go)


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Nicorette Quick Mist 2×150
Nicorette QuickMist Mouthspray Duo is a fresh mint mouth spray that provides fast craving relief for you when you’re trying to quit smoking.
150% more powerful against withdrawal symptoms
Nicorette QuickMist is clinically proven to be 150% more effective when quitting smoking than just using willpower alone. It provides you with an effective and immediate way of replacing some of the nicotine in your body that you are used to getting from cigarettes, so that you can instantly relieve your cravings whenever you feel them. This helps you to break the habit of smoking for good.
Effective relief within 60 seconds
Because it is absorbed into the body through the mouth lining, it works rapidly. The effects of Nicorette QuickMist start in just 60 seconds and give you quick relief from any cigarette cravings.
Perfect size to carry with you
Each QuickMist dispenser is 150ml, and roughly the size of a small mobile phone. It easily fits into your handbag or pocket, so that you can carry it with you throughout the day.


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