Nicotine Replace 36x2mg Lozenge


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Nicotine Replace 36x2mg Lozenge
Nicotine cravings can be the hardest thing to handle when you want to stop smoking.

Galpharm Nicotine Replace 4mg Lozenges help stop or reduce the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal which can help you stop smoking.

Galpharm Nicotine Replace 4mg Lozenges are easy to use at any time or anywhere and are designed to help stop smoking for those who smoke their first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking up. There’s a handy pocket sized pack of 12 lozenges and also a pack of 36 lozenges. Try to take a lozenge in all situations when you are strongly tempted to smoke. During the first few weeks you may need to take a lozenge every one to two hours to keep nicotine withdrawal symptoms at bay. Gradually you’ll find that you can reduce the number of lozenges needed to one every two to four hours, and then one every four to eight hours.

Galpharm Nicotine Replace 4mg Lozenges are a cost effective alternative to branded NRT lozenges, but with the same active ingredient.


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