Niquitin Minis Mint Lozenges 60×1.5mg


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Niquitin Minis Mint Lozenges 60×1.5mg
NiQuitin Minis are for the treatment of tobacco dependence by relief of nicotine withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Permanent cessation of tobacco use is the eventual objective.

NiQuitin Minis should preferably be used in conjunction with a behavioural support programme.
Directions for use:

The strength of lozenge to be used will depend on the smoking habits of the individual.

1.5 mg NiQuitin Minis are suitable for smokers who smoke 20 cigarettes or less a day.

One lozenge should be placed in the mouth and allowed to dissolve. Periodically, the lozenge should be moved from one side of the mouth to the other, and repeated, until the lozenge is completely dissolved (approximately 10 minutes). The lozenge should not be chewed or swallowed whole.

Users should not eat or drink while a lozenge is in the mouth.

Behavioural therapy advice and support will normally improve the success rate.


Abrupt cessation of smoking:

Users should make every effort to stop smoking completely during treatment with NiQuitin Minis.

Use the lozenges whenever there is an urge to smoke.

Sufficient lozenges should be used each day, usually 8NON-BREAKING HYPHEN (8209)12, up to a maximum of 15.

Continue use for up to six weeks to break the habit of smoking, then gradually reduce lozenge use. When daily use is 1-2 lozenges, use should be stopped.

To help stay smoke free after treatment, users may take a lozenge in situations when they are strongly tempted to smoke.

Those who use lozenges beyond 9 months are recommended to seek additional help and advice from a healthcare professional.

Gradual cessation of smoking:

For smokers who are unwilling or unable to quit abruptly.

Use a lozenge whenever there is a strong urge to smoke in order to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked as far as possible and to refrain from smoking as long as possible.

The number of lozenges a day is variable and depends on the patients needs. Nonetheless it should not exceed 15 lozenges per day.

If a reduction in cigarette consumption has not been achieved after 6 weeks of treatment, a healthcare professional should be consulted.

Reduced tobacco consumption should lead to complete cessation of smoking. This should be attempted as soon as possible. When the number of cigarettes has been reduced to a level from which the user feels able to quit completely, then start on the schedule for “abrupt cessation” as given above.

If the attempt to stop smoking completely has not been started within 6 months after the beginning of treatment, it is recommended to consult a healthcare professional.

Children and adolescents:

NiQuitin Minis should only be use by adolescents (12-17 years inclusive) with advice from a healthcare professional.

NiQuitin Minis are not recommended for use in children below the age of 12 due to a lack of data on safety and efficacy


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