Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm with Jojoba oil


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Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm with Jojoba oil

Nivea-for lips that love to talk, smile, laugh and kiss’

With the scent of Roses and caring Jojoba Oil combines a subtle rose sheen and long lasting moisturisation to leave lips soft and smooth.

The skin on your lips is extremely thin and sensitive and this results in your lips only having a thin layer to protect themselves from external irritations.

Lip care products help protect and preserve the healthy condition of your skin. It is important that moisture levels are properly maintained and it is especially important to protect your lips against external influences such as cold, wind, rain and UV rays.

In order to protect your lips, you should care for them all day long, not just when you leave the house. Winter, in particular can be very harsh to your lips, making them dry out quickly.

The same applies in summer when you are in air-conditioned environments.
So for a creamy treat that makes your lips velvety soft and silky smooth for longer try it now.


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