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Hydronourishing day & night cream

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Pond’s Hydronourishing HN Cream 50ml.

Hydration is essential for the skin, but it also needs to be nourished.

The Pond’s Institute has developed it’s Pond’s Hydronourishing HN cream with Hydro-elastine and Vitamin E in order to:

Improve skin moisturisation.
Nourish helping to obtain softer and smoother skin.
Help to protect and strengthen skin by fighting against the loss of essential lipids.
Results : your skin looks radiant, perfectly moisturised and nourished all day long.

Usage Instructions : Apply daily on cleansed face and neck avoid contact with eyes.

Dermatologist tested

At the Pond’s Institute they create skin care and cleansing treatments using the latest developments in ingredients and technology. Their worldwide research gathers unique information about women’s skin care needs which helps them continually improve the efficacy of their treatments.

Millions of women worldwide trust Pond’s to help them make the very best of their skin. Pond’s products have been created with the objective of helping women to have more beautiful skin. At Pond’s institute they guarantee the quality and efficacy of each of their products.


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