Profoot Gel Tube Ideal for Corns


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Profoot Gel Tube Ideal for Corns

Gel Tube
Ideal for Corns, Bunions and Hammer Toe.

Profoot Softgel Gel Tube uses cutting edge polymer gel technology offering full wrap-around protection for toes or fingers. By reducing all pressure and friction to the skin, the Softgel Gel Tube is excellent for relieving discomfort caused by over-lapping, hammer, arthritic or sore toes, digital corns, callusing and pressure from footwear.

The Gel Tube contains soothing medical grade mineral oil that helps to soften and aid in the removal of corns and hard callused skin.

Our Gel Tube has a slim low profile making it perfect to be worn in any shoe. it can also stretch to fit any size toe or finger.
Key Features
Relieves pressure and friction
Can be cut to size
Elastic sleeve stretches over different toe sizes
Washable and reusable
Total toe or finger protection


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