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Robinson Healthcare Breast Pads are specially designed for use in late pregnancy and after the baby’s birth, when it is common to experience breast leakage. Softly shaped and extra absorbent, the pads are disposable and provide effective protection against the staining of clothes.

High Performance
Robinson Healthcare Breast Pads consist of a high absorbency, non-chlorine bleached fluff pulp core to take care of leaking breast milk. This helps to prevent cracking, soreness and irritation by keeping moisture away from delicate skin. Next to the skin, the inner face is covered in a soft, quilted look ‘stay dry’ non-woven cover for maximum comfort, whilst the backing features a special moisture proof material to prevent strike-through and protect clothing.

Discreet and Comfortable
The pads are specially shaped to the contour of the breast and have super soft edges to remain highly discreet, even under close fitting clothing. The moisture proof backing also grips the inside of the bra, helping to prevent slippage and keep the pad in place between feeds, offering optimum confidence and comfort during use.

Convenient and Hygienic
Pads are disposable and designed to be changed regularly to maintain hygiene and prevent soreness by keeping the nipples dry. They are an excellent alternative to reusable pads, which can cause irritation to the wearer due to washing powder allergies. Packed in 40’s, the pads can be conveniently used and disposed of as necessary, depending on the rate of leakage. Robinson Healthcare Breast Pads packaging is specially designed to be displayed in-store in portrait or landscape format, allowing shelf space to be optimised as required.
Ideal for use during late pregnancy and whilst breast feeding
Softly shaped to the contour of the breast for maximum comfort
Highly absorbent to keep nipples dry and help prevent soreness and irritation
Highly discreet under clothing for optimum confidence
Non-slip, moisture proof backing to prevent staining of clothes
Exclusive packaging for effective on shelf display
Each pack contains 40 pads


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