Tena Pants Maxi medium Snug Body Fit


TENA Pants Maxi

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Tena Pants Maxi medium Snug Body Fit

TENA Pants Maxi – superior absorbency for complete protection and security TENA Pants Maxi provides a snug body fit for extra high protection, dryness and dignity.
Leakage barriers for extra security TENA Pants have high-performance leakage barriers for added protection, whether the individual is standing, sitting or lying down.
Feel Dry – for lasting dryness Feel Dry technology rapidly wicks away even large quantities of urine into the product core.
The urine remains locked in the core even under pressure, keeping it away from the skin, for enhanced comfort.
This is an important first step towards good skin health.
Tear-away side seams for easy removal TENA Pants are as easy to pull off as they are to pull on. Just tear open the side seams and pull off the pants.
Breathable and gentle to the skin TENA Pants have fully breathable outer material that allows air to circulate.
This prevents unnecessary dampness, for healthy skin and wearer comfort.


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