Times Beauty Wave Power Cleaner


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Times Beauty Wave Power Cleaner.

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Revolutionise the way you wash your face. introduce the secret to deeply cleansed skin with the new Wave facial cleaner, the vibrating cleanser that cleans 10 x deeper than traditional cleansing.

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The softly textured pads sweep away layers of dead skin cells while the gentle vibrations help open pores for exceptional cleaning power.

The Wave is gentle enough for daily use and you will notice over time that your skin will start to produce less oil leaving you with that clean feeling for even longer.

Designed to replace your current cleanser the Wave fits perfectly into any beauty regime and using it couldn’t be simpler. Attach a disposable cleansing pad to the attachment head and hold under running water to activate the cleansing foam. Turn on the Wave by pressing the power button then gently massage over your face. Be sure to avoid delicate eye areas.

Under running water
Your Wave can be used in the shower as it is water resistant. (But not water proof so don’t use it at the bottom of the ocean.)

The Wave starter kit comes with everything you need to get intensely soft, smooth, clean skin, including 14 disposable cleansing pads and 1 AA battery.

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