Vantage Sleep Aid 50mg tablets (max strengh)


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Vantage sleep aid 50mg tablets (max strengh)

An aid to the relief of temporary sleep disturbance due to example working shifts or worrying about a forthcoming event such as a driving test

Active Ingredients

Caplet contains

Diphenhydramine hydrochloride 50 mg(twice strength of Nytol caplets)

Adults over 16 and elderly – 1 tablet 20 minutes before going to bed
Under 16 years and children – not to be given.

Do not continue for longer than 14 days consecutively without seeing your doctor

A pharmacist may call you regarding this product
Customer declaration:
I agree to use the product strictly as it has been directed, and if symptoms persist, or if i suffer any adverse effects, i will contact my doctor or pharmacist. This is a parmacy medicine. By ordering this product i acknowledge that i have read the information and understood the content regarding this product.


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