Tips For Managing Your Pain At Home

Tips For Managing Your Pain At Home

Its estimated that 10 million people in the UK experience pain nearly every day.

Here are a few tips helping you to help yourself….
1. Light exercise
Though pain can make exercise difficult, gentle movement may help to ease your discomfort.
this could be walking, swimming or even household chores that help to distract you from focusing on your pain.

Making time to relax your muscles and taking it easy is as important as keeping moving. Try
practising some yoga moves or breathing exercises to help keep you calm. You may also want to gently massage the area causing you pain, or soak in a warm bath or shower.

3.Drug free alternatives
A TENS machine provides effective pain relief by sending very small electrical impulses around your nerves to block pain signals.

4. Keep in touch
Don’t let pain mean you lose contact with people. keeping in touch with friends and family can help you feel much better. Try short visits and if you can’t get out to visit people phone a friend and invite them round for coffee. Aim to talk about anything other than your pain.

Tips for managing pain in winter.

A blanket is a great way to keep you warm, but keep moving regularly and wearing multiple
layers is always a good option.
Look into help that may be available to stay warm, Read the department of health “Keep warm,
keep well” literature for more information.
use an electric blanket in the morning to warm you up before getting out of bed. Then keep warm by wearing layers and eating well, especially hot meals and drinks.

If you find it difficult to get out and about, get your medicines delivered to straight to your front door.
Call us we are happy to help.